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well as for last  yesterday’s evening, as usual I pick up my mom at Masjid Jamek then took  her back to my home.

From Kelana Jaya, to Bangsar (Jalan Maa’rof), I saw my dream car, BMW X6 (not M type) driven beside me. It’s a big shocked that I would never saw it before across this road, with a plate number WAN 1, a girl who drove the car (maybe in the middle of 30). At that moment, I just amaze on the size and  the beauty of it. “Wow, ‘gempak giler’ “, I whispered.

Then I drove towards the T Junction (near KL Central Terminal), then suddenly a huge vehicle just passing by my car, Porche Cayeene Turbo, with my mom’s favorite number, 60 because she was born in 1960. She’s going to buy her plate number on her own new car with a number 60 (Toyota Corolla Altis Inshaallah).

What is exactly happening to me, or my entire family, I wonder why Allah showing me the numbers that my mom desires, the dream car (BMW X6M ActiveHybrid) that I desire. I wonder.

After I took my mom from her office, drove by the Jalan Pahang towards Danau Kota, I saw many cars, the numbers are specifically referred to my mom (60), and my girl, that will be my future bright (1721). Only my number doesn’t appear in this lists.

This morning, I woke up early as of 5am to prepare my daily routine; taking bath, shaving, wake my siblings to go to school, etc. As usual, every morning, send my siblings to their school and send my mom to her office. As my car pass the KL Hospital while listening to Inshaallah song (performed by Maher Zain in Malay), I saw a Mercedes CLS500 with a plate number WSR 1188. It’s my favorite number, 8118, by reshuffling the number sequence.

I think Allah is showing us the moment of truth is approaching. What’s going to happen next. Ya Rabb, I really hope that You will guide us, show us to way. “Tunjukkan daku ke jalan yg benar, Inshaallah ada jalannya”. Amiin.


Quarter of 100 Years of life

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Alhamdulillah, Allah still give me new hope to live at the 21st century.

Well I guess I’m pretty well known that I’m now 25, owh it’s a little tough for me to do such decision when my words had come forward since I was 15 years old, when I’m 25, I’m going to:-

1. be much more mature in thinking [is it true??]???

2. be a knowledgeable person than before…

3. be a  M _ _ _ I _ _ _ R E….

4. marry someone????

5. buy a very special things to my love ones, my mom (include my aunt), my GF, and also my siblings

6. gather more frenz from the day I employed till kindergarten…

7. buy my precious cars (how would I know if I can’t afford)..

8. Getting all the 7 things done by this year Inshaallah..

Inshaallah everything will be run smooth this year…Amiin..

Ultraman Zero vs Darklop Zero Zero Stage I

Language: Japanese version
Subtitle:English(Thanks to Grown Ups In Spandex Fansub)
Download link(Megaupload)

Ultraman Zero vs Darklop Zero Stage II


Language: Japanese version
Download link(Megaupload)

Salam all,

well this time I want to tell you about my first journey to Kelantan with my colleague Nureikmar aka Angenzzz and my boss. It’s really a very fantastic.

I usually woke up early as 0530 every morning, but as for this journey, today I woke up at 0330, 2 hours earlier from my daily routine and also this considers as anti-biological clock of my body. Then at around 0415, I called my charted taxi  that my mom’s suggested. Keep on calling for 5 times, because he had promise to take me to the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Airport Subang at 0430. “Oh dear God, come on!! When is this people is going to pick up his phone?”, I sighed. 7th call, then I heard someone pick his phone, his son, great (hope so). Suddenly his son gave him his phone and he told me that he forgotten on this event to bring me to the airport. “Oh No, it’s bad bad bad!!” He told me to wait for 10min, but it’s approach to 20mins, as he arrived at the front of my house gate. I told him, I think I’m late, so he rushed to Subang using different route, and I thought that he wanted to cheat me, but just forget about that because even though he used the shortest path, I had to pay him for such RM54.00 include the baggage.

As I arrived at SSAAS Subang Airport, it seems that I’m the one who was earlier than my colleague and my boss. Our flight FireFlyz MH9846 Kota Bahru, suppose to take us at 0705, but somehow the announcement officer give us a wrong statement, go to gate 5 (Ketereh??? stated at the top of the door)..Wrong…

Our flight arrived 5 mins later. I’ve got 8A seat, while my colleague 8C, and my boss 2A (quite far from us). Here are some pictures that we’ve taken inside the flight. To tell you that the stewardess, oh dear, “amazing”…


Me wif angenzzz



After arrived at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport Pengkalan Chepa, we waited for a while until En Azlan from TM Kelantan to send us to Hotel Azam for check in.



Sultan Ismail Petra Airport


Welcome to Kelantan

Then En Azlan and the team brought us to a restaurant, Red Warrior, Selera Daun Pisang. Delicious……First time breakfast with Nasi Itik Serati while Angenzz and my boss, Nasi Ayam Dara.

Nasi Itik Serati




Kak Mas aka My Boss

Then we went to Hotel Azam just nearby TM Kelantan to check in.

Azam Hotel

Our portion to come here at Kota Bharu Kelantan is to accomodate TM Kelantan staff by exploring features in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and the TM Kelantan Web Portal launching by our Group Cheif Executive Officer, DSZI. This includes the portal for TM Kelantan that 3 of us (Me, Angenzzz and abg Fazley) have build in such a way to increase productivity, enhance collaboration between users in TM Kelantan and also give them support and maintenance in terms of consultation. The idea comes from a practical student that had done her work by using Joomla, but in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 does not support Joomla. So 3 of us have had rebuild the construction of TM Kelantan portal in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Afternoon, around 1300++, Me, Angenzzz and my boss went to Pasar Siti Khadijah with a guidance from one of employee in TM Kelantan. We walked past to the Kelantan Trade Center.

Kelantan Trade Center

There’s a lot of stuff here that we could buy. Asam, kerepek, dodol, tudung and others were here. These include the vegetables and others.

Pasar Siti Khadijah

In the evening, both of us (me and Angenzzz) were hungry, and we went to the Stadium Sultan Muhammad IV for our “dinner”. Just past by the streets, there’re a lot of stalls that sold plenty of food. We took the second last stall and we ate Nasi Ayam Dara again. WoW, amazingly the price is quite cheaper than our place in KL, just RM4.50.

Nasi Ayam Dara

Then we went back to our hotel….


When I first got a call from a friend last night, I felt that it is good or a bad things gonna happen to me next.

I sigh and say, “Owh, you again, now what?”. She told me that our program that both me and my mom involved is in process. The moment of truth is approaching. Suddenly tears in my eyes revealed and I really thanks to Allah for that. I just have to wait maybe for another week on this.

Let’s pray to Allah, hope that He will accelerate the process.

I was so far from you
Yet to me you were always so close
I wandered lost in the dark
I closed my eyes toward the signs
You put in my way
I walked everyday
Further and further away from you
Ooooo Allah, you brought me home
I thank You with every breath I take.

Alhamdulillah, Elhamdulillah
All praises to Allah, All praises to Allah
Alhamdulillah, Elhamdulillah
All praises to Allah, All praises to Allah.

I never thought about
All the things you have given to me
I never thanked you once
I was too proud to see the truth
And prostrate to you
Until I took the first step
And that’s when you opened the doors for me
Now Allah, I realized what I was missing
By being far from you.

Alhamdulillah, Elhamdulillah
All praises to Allah, All praises to Allah
Alhamdulillah, Elhamdulillah
All praises to Allah, All praises to Allah.

Allah, I wanna thank You
I wanna thank you for all the things that you’ve done
You’ve done for me through all my years I’ve been lost
You guided me from all the ways that were wrong
And did you give me hope

O Allah, I wanna thank you
I wanna thank You for all the things that you’ve done
You’ve done for me through all my years I’ve been lost
You guided me from all the ways that were wrong
I wanna thank You for bringing me home

Alhamdulillah, Elhamdulillah
All praises to Allah, All praises to Allah
Alhamdulillah, Elhamdulillah
All praises to Allah, All praises to Allah.

I woke up late this morning, approach to 530am. Oh dear I’m late today. As usual, I send my mom to TM Masjid Jamek for her duty in managing the TR Report. It’s 730am…argh it’s a fake time for me, even though I set my time 1 hour earlier.

I rushed to New Pantai Expressway (NPE), with 140KM/H that I never been drive as that fast. Usually 130KM/H or 120KM/H is just enough for me. It is because I want to finish my job in developing a workgroup portal at my working place.

Suddenly I found that my fuel is approach to E level, meaning Empty. So I decide to fuel up my tank. As I arrived at the SHELL station, I pay for RM100 for a full tank. Usually I use the “Green” labelled fuel (V-Power 97) to fill up my tank, but I search for the green color, it wasn’t there. Only “Black”, “Yellow” and “Red” labelled are available.

Time is now 800am, I must rush. Without thinking, I just take the “Red” labelled (V-Power also, don’t know either it’s Ron 97 or what), when I got the receipt, huhuhhu RM88!? I always fill up for full tank just RM60++, how can it be like that?

It’s V-Power Racing, not V-Power 97.

V-Power Racing

V-Power Racing Receipt

1 Litre == RM2.53, compared to Ron 97, 1 Litre=RM2.48 

Hope this is just one time full tank, I’ll never touch the Red Labelled again in SHELL….

But, if I have such a lot of money, I’ll always use this kind of fuel because it makes my car in high performance condition as of today.

P/S: For a regular people like me, don’t use this fuel, it wasted your money even you can get a better performance for your vehicle. Use your money wisely

I’m not really sure what have I done for the last few weeks. I wonder if I enter this program, what will happened next,  to me and also my entire family.

Investments? Oh I really not sure about this. I just take it for granted because my mom told me that’s nothing to be worried about by entering this program.

Last few weeks ago, my mom told me that something gonna change our life if we take action. I sighed and argued with my mom “What’s wrong with you mama? I think this is the most dangerous things that I’m going to be done.

Dealing with some sophisticated people gave me somewhat a big impact to my behaviour of thinking. I try to cope from what they’ve told me, i.e. your life will change after you’ve joined this business.

I’ve made some research on this particular business but most it ends with failure, meaning thereby I didn’t find any details that referring to this business. By the way, I’ve invested for RM2k for this and hoping that it’s gonna be true. I’m not really sure if I can make it for this business or not, either I can trust them or not until I get the money back guarantee. Just pray to Allah that He’s gonna change my life hopefully.

Currently I’m just waiting for next week, hopefully the process will  be as smooth as it is.

Usually, I’m frightened to enter any kinds of business, because firstly I don’t have any basics on business, secondly, I’m afraid to take challenge in business from others. But I don’t know, this time somehow, I became so brave to involve in this particular business. Let’s just be cool on what will happen to me and my family next week.

Let Allah decide for me upon this matter. Only He knows what’s the best for me and my family.