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well as for last  yesterday’s evening, as usual I pick up my mom at Masjid Jamek then took  her back to my home.

From Kelana Jaya, to Bangsar (Jalan Maa’rof), I saw my dream car, BMW X6 (not M type) driven beside me. It’s a big shocked that I would never saw it before across this road, with a plate number WAN 1, a girl who drove the car (maybe in the middle of 30). At that moment, I just amaze on the size and  the beauty of it. “Wow, ‘gempak giler’ “, I whispered.

Then I drove towards the T Junction (near KL Central Terminal), then suddenly a huge vehicle just passing by my car, Porche Cayeene Turbo, with my mom’s favorite number, 60 because she was born in 1960. She’s going to buy her plate number on her own new car with a number 60 (Toyota Corolla Altis Inshaallah).

What is exactly happening to me, or my entire family, I wonder why Allah showing me the numbers that my mom desires, the dream car (BMW X6M ActiveHybrid) that I desire. I wonder.

After I took my mom from her office, drove by the Jalan Pahang towards Danau Kota, I saw many cars, the numbers are specifically referred to my mom (60), and my girl, that will be my future bright (1721). Only my number doesn’t appear in this lists.

This morning, I woke up early as of 5am to prepare my daily routine; taking bath, shaving, wake my siblings to go to school, etc. As usual, every morning, send my siblings to their school and send my mom to her office. As my car pass the KL Hospital while listening to Inshaallah song (performed by Maher Zain in Malay), I saw a Mercedes CLS500 with a plate number WSR 1188. It’s my favorite number, 8118, by reshuffling the number sequence.

I think Allah is showing us the moment of truth is approaching. What’s going to happen next. Ya Rabb, I really hope that You will guide us, show us to way. “Tunjukkan daku ke jalan yg benar, Inshaallah ada jalannya”. Amiin.